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  • The fastest and easiest way to change your home’s interior

    A lot of people come to me with one specific question. You’ll seriously be surprised by how often I hear it, but I never stop enjoying answering it. I’ve spent most of my working life helping others change the interior of their homes and I really am not showing any signs of slowing.

    One of the main reasons behind me deciding to start this blog was so I could share with you some of the useful things I’ve learnt over the years, and in this first full-length piece, I think I might be sharing my ultimate tip – one that has helped me and so many other people I know through complex and tricky situations.

    I’m talking about interior design, and why hiring an interior designer is possibly the best thing you can do to help change your home and get it closer to your ideal.

    Often when people say they want to redecorate they will have a vague idea of what it is they want their house to eventually look like. Although this is usually a great start, it isn’t enough. One of the biggest, if not the biggest benefit of having a designer nearby to help is their input. More often and not they will be able to give you incredibly useful advice and feed you more ideas that can help shape your overall vision and ambition for your interiors.

    They’re used to bouncing ideas around, and can take any slight idea or inclination from you and expand upon it, making it seem much more achievable. There have been so many times when friends and family have consulted with me about this, and I have told them to meet with an interior designer, just for this quick brainstorming process.

    If you don’t want to go the full way and employ one, you can always arrange a meeting to help build on your thoughts and most designers will be more than happy to help you with this.

    So there it is, that is my first tip that I feel you should abide by. Trust me, it is one that if you follow, will result in potentially saving you a huge amount of money.

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  • The start of an era

    World Series 13 is a blog designed to bring you the best information on home services, i.e. businesses that cater your home and house related needs. We’ll be covering tips on hiring cleaners, decorators, plumbers and just about anything and anyone you’d need to fix a problem in your house. We want this blog to be a great resource for you so please give us some feedback when you can and tell us what you think.

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